Co-designing a set of transformable letters using as pretext gaming, language and iconography associated to a proper noun (Beam Camp) in order to construct a system of resources to be enjoyed by campers.
The resulting transformable system of letters will achieve a triple scale: iconic [associated to the word identifying a place / Hollywood-like], recreational [a crossing letters game] and functional [collective transformable furniture].

pkmn_a_ac04beam02 pkmn_a_ac04beam03 pkmn_a_ac04beam04 pkmn_a_ac04beam05 pkmn_a_ac04beam06 pkmn_a_ac04beam07 pkmn_a_ac04beam08 pkmn_a_ac04beam09 pkmn_a_ac04beam10

[Technical Data]
January 2012
New Hampshire. USA
Client: Beam Camp


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