To construct the public space must be public, so public and clear matter as the language that we speak. ” Saying and fact ” considers a collaborative process with the neighborhood of New Pompeii for co – designing the activation of his public space of a participative way using as I pretext the game, the language and the iconography of the own name for the construction of a system dotacional transformable with the triple scale of the identity and iconicity of the word (Pompeii), of playful (scrabble) and of the program of public use (furniture – transformer).

The workshop develops in three phases: 1. Participation, diffusion. 2. I Co-design magnificent pupil: from the identity to the object .3. Production of prototype.
The workshop´s participants will develop and materialize a final prototype that will check three conditions: it will be an urban sign of big dimensions that will materialize of form icónica the name of the neighborhood, will be a physical and reconfigurable alphabet that will allow to play at constructing new words, will be an equipment of public contained and drop-down use from every letter or set of letters, something like if the sign of Hollywood was spreading out to constitute a sets of filming

pkmn_p_aw003pomp02 pkmn_p_aw003pomp03 pkmn_p_aw003pomp04 pkmn_p_aw003pomp05 pkmn_p_aw003pomp06 pkmn_p_aw003pomp07 pkmn_p_aw003pomp08 pkmn_p_aw003pomp09

[Technical Data]
August-October 2011
Nueva Pompeya, Buenos Aires [Arg]
Length: 7 weeks [10 hours+ 3 days /week]
Students: 13(p)
Client: Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy in Argentina
Objetives: cityzen participation, media, cityzen identity, relationship between client-profesional, codesign, DIWO, complet process.
Formats: prototype scale 1:1, urban furniture


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