The graphical design of an event turns into action of the proper event, in content of the event…
[It indexes: Nike’s advertising that uses the own advertising format as expression and materialization of the own content and brand image]
We are expert neither in economy, nor in business management … most of our projects is deficit (but there will be some reason for which we are here)… It is possible that there are explicable parts of our work from an optics near to the marketing (or connectable), detecting and developing tricks that we have been discovering brings over of topics as: how to enter on a market, how to generate favorable contexts, how to manage the ideas and production of a project, how to provide him with creative appreciations, how to report, to connect and to re-insert a project with the reality.

pkmn_i_um002perf04  pkmn_i_um002perf02 pkmn_i_um002perf03

[Technical Data]

Image project for Performing Architecture. Matadero Madrid. [Curator: A.Cantis]
September 2009
Gran Vía [Madrid, Spain]
Temporality: urban action / 2 hours
Client: Matadero Madrid [Curated by Ariadna cantis]
Participation: 22 persons with 22 letters y thousands observers
Formats: 22 corrugated cardboard letters / urban action
Media: http://www.mataderomadrid.org


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