Monument & urban element “transformer” conceived as a civic added-value object able to activate the public space of the city. What about experiencing directly Heritage appropriating it by their own citizens and neighbours sharing real experiences?
MonuBENCH Project#02 Barbastro [Spain]
The territory between Barbastro and Arize Lèze shares an important cultural and historical heritage that has its origin in the eleventh and twelfth centuries: the Romanesque style. Monubench proposes a revision of the concept of contemporary Romananesque territory, to enhance and preserve the signs of cross-border cultural identity. This raises the reinterpretation of one of the most unique, representative and symbolic of the Romanesque, the Front Facade.

pkmn_a_ac006barb01 pkmn_a_ac006barb02 pkmn_a_ac006barb03 pkmn_a_ac006barb04 pkmn_a_ac006barb05 pkmn_a_ac006barb06 pkmn_a_ac006barb07 pkmn_a_ac006barb08

[Technical Data]
May 2012
Barbastro, Spain
Client: Ayuntamiento de Barbastro. Competition.
Budget: 15500€


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