Extremadur[R.A.] proposes the photographic record of all the inhabitants from a rural area for his incorporation to the virtual world by means of Augmented Reality Technology.
This project was developed to mark the Internet Day Celebration on 17th of may. Consorcio IdenTIC (in association with PKMN) presents a series of actions to be realized in the specific centers from the region destined to show and teach the advantages and opportunities of the Information Communications Technology uses for the citizens.
This new DIGITAL IDENTITY of the village will be formed across the sum of the individual identities of each one of his inhabitants. It is therefore, an intergenerational identity, without exclusion, or need of preparation or previous knowledge.

pkmn_i_ce3iden01 pkmn_i_ce3iden02  pkmn_i_ce3iden04 pkmn_i_ce3iden05 pkmn_i_ce3iden06 pkmn_i_ce3iden07 pkmn_i_ce3iden08 pkmn_i_ce3iden09

[Technical Data]
May 2011
Benquerencia, Cáceres [Spain]
Temporality: permanent
Client: Consorcio Identic
Participación: Benquerencia City Council + 86 inhabitants from Benquerencia (120 registered)
Formats: Augmented Reality Technology+viewer+flyer.
Media: autonomic press x 4, digital press x 18, social net, website [http://extremadu-ra.identic.es]


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