Cáceres has a singular cultural heritage and a unique historic district which is never used by its citizens in an active way: they are bound to go to a big music concert or to a theatre play, because these are the kind of events which are supposed to take place in an urban setting that has renounced to use its space for any activity not suitable for touristic use, and whose buildings have been turned into museums and foundations.
Cáceres creates Cáceres turned 2016 images of 2016 Caceres’ citizens into a re-created artificial landscape, an urban intervention made up of images in different formats and scales: real scale figures populating the streets, a mega-citizen protecting the city and merchandising objects (badges, balloons, t-shirts …) that were given out during a participatory event of identity interchange that recovered the historic district of the city as a place were citizens can became actors and not only spectators.

pkmn_i_cp002cace01 pkmn_i_cp002cace02 pkmn_i_cp002cace03 pkmn_i_cp002cace04 pkmn_i_cp002cace05 pkmn_i_cp002cace06  pkmn_i_cp002cace08 pkmn_i_cp002cace09 pkmn_i_cp002cace10 pkmn_i_cp002cace11 pkmn_i_cp002cace12 pkmn_i_cp002cace13 pkmn_i_cp002cace14 pkmn_i_cp002cace15

[Technical Data]
A civic prestige brand applied to urban landscape re-generation
A city’s inhabitants are a city’s most valuable heritage.
October 2008
Cáceres [Esp]
Temporality: 4 days
Client: Cáceres City Council.
Participation: 2016 cacereños
Formats: 1 megacacereño +111 Real scale Shapes +55 Real scalevinyls +500 t-shirts +1500 badges +2000 balloons
Media: local press x 30, web x 100, national press. x2


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