“Toledo creates Toledo “: participative exhibition project that relates art, architecture and public action, trying to give to play the role of the citizen a conscious actor of their critical and creative capacity.
The exhibition appears as laboratory where the visitor not only observes the work of an author, but he takes part in the process of creation for 10 days of events: PKMN coordinates, manages and filters, Toledo and PKMN expose of dynamic and increasing form the result of acts+dialogues shared with the city in the city.
6 actions, scales and architectural concepts:
#01.Identity Exchanges; #02. Photographic Safari; #03. Soap Atmospheres.; #04. House of Toledo; #05. Atlas; #06. Personales paradises

pkmn_i_cp004tole01 pkmn_i_cp004tole02 pkmn_i_cp004tole03 pkmn_i_cp004tole04 pkmn_i_cp004tole05  pkmn_i_cp004tole07 pkmn_i_cp004tole08 pkmn_i_cp004tole09

[Technical Data]
Participative exhibition with the intention of playing the role of the citizen a conscious actor of his critical and creative capacity on his city.
September 2007
ECAT, Toledo [Spain]
Temporality: 10 days
Client: Patronato de Cultura y Deportes de Castilla la Mancha
Participation: 4000 inhabitants
Formats: One recycled “Plan E” Sign (4 x 3meters) .
Media: local press x 10, local TV x2 , social networks.


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