* What is the ambient noise level on a street at rush hour?
* How do shadows of trees change its position on a public square during a journey?
* What are the patterns and intensity of use and the circulatory flows on a public space?
* Which names are the neighbours inhabiting a determinate building?
* What is the energy consumption level used to light an avenue for a year?
* What is the level of CO2 emissions due to materials used to pave a sidewalk?

* As a matter of fact our increasing capacity to have access to a high level of information in real time has modified our way to do some daily things, such as the way in which we relate to each other or do the shopping.
* Paradoxically there are many other questions concerning us daily but that are still exclusively managed by specialized technicians, that becomes
particularly significant when we consider data and information associated to management and design of public spaces in our cities.
* Let’s imagine the way in which we would live and experience a urban space where all users could openly visualize the diagram of shadows projected by adjacent buildings, the distance between the façades of these buildings or the procedence of the paving stones used to pave it. Let’s also imagine that we can see all this information and data fisically drawn on the surfaces composing this space and on the elements to which it refers.
* Would there be a change on the way in which citizens use, perceive and interpret a urban public square in which all these data have been made visible?

pkmn_p_aw005anal02 pkmn_p_aw005anal03 pkmn_p_aw005anal04 pkmn_p_aw005anal05 pkmn_p_aw005anal06 pkmn_p_aw005anal07 pkmn_p_aw005anal08

[Technical Data]
Analogical Smart Cities
Workshop in the Tri-Continental Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Desing. UEM [Universidad Europea de Madrid].
February 2012
Argüelles. Madrid [Esp]
Length: 4 days
Students: 4(p)
Client: Tri-Continental Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Desing. UEM [Universidad Europea de Madrid]
Objetives: Coding complex phenomena and realities such as public spaces, Citizens expertizing, From digital to analogical
Formats: prototype scale 1:1, drawing data parameters.


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