In view of the complexity and abstraction of a general urban plan, Burgos creates Burgos proposes the children’s active participation of the city (10-14 years) in the construction of an urban model, by means of a playful act in which I play and pedagogy they are narrowly linked

By means of a plane of Burgos to scale 1/750 (24x12m.) in the Plaza of the Town hall, the children will discover where they live, the singular local buildings, the means of transport and his ecological values, the new areas of planning and his repercussion in the city, as well as to familiarizing itself with the abstraction that quite flat of city it implies. As if we were deciphering a map of the exchequer, to which we call Burgos

pkmn_p_le001burg00 pkmn_p_le001burg01 pkmn_p_le001burg02 pkmn_p_le001burg03 pkmn_p_le001burg04 pkmn_p_le001burg05 pkmn_p_le001burg06  pkmn_p_le001burg08 pkmn_p_le001burg09 pkmn_p_le001burg10 pkmn_p_le001burg11 pkmn_p_le001burg12 pkmn_p_le001burg13 pkmn_p_le001burg14 pkmn_p_le001burg15 pkmn_p_le001burg16

[Technical Data]
May 2010
City Hall Square in Burgos [Spain]
Temporality: one day [5 hours]
Students: 35(p)
Client: Ayuntamiento de Burgos + Ezquiaga Sociedad y Territorio S.L.
Objetives: participation, 1/1 scale, urban action
Formats: play, urban maps, child


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